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Fall Fashion Endeavors

The leaves are changing and so are my accessories.  Scarves and hats galore for this southern girl to help keep me warm and look in season.  Must haves: denim chambray button-down, combat and fringe boots, black…black…black!!! All black everything, but not really.  However, black sends a message of mystery and it gives the impression of being a fashion enthusiast.  Over the last couple of years and being exposed to the Western European style of things, I have transcended from being overly accessorized to demure and classic.  This most likely comes with age and realization of expressing style without saturating one’s self with multiple trends.  It is best to have a clean palette and layer on distinguishing pieces that make a look go from drap to fab.  

(Delia’s- $39.50)

  • 12 November 2012