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Brandon Boyd Makes My Heart Go Boom

My inner-emo couldn’t resist this.

Latin ❤️ers

Nails- The Thrill of Brazil by OPI

Location- Rooftop Pool at the Grand Beach Hotel, Miami😎☀️

l be about that life! Well, I at least try to be 😝

Starting a new thing. I tend to find new loves each week, and I figured “why keep these goodies to myself?” So, I’ll try to share my latest obsessions every week! Enjoy, and maybe even indulge😁

Rings: Tobi.com
Nail polish: Passion by OPI

Weeping Rivers

Not until I heard the words that Joan Rivers had passed, that I realized how much she has played a role in my love of life and fashion. This woman held nothing back and made no apologizes. She always spoke her mind, but through the daggers of words she spoke, Joan had a heart of gold and one could see that she was a good person.

People got so lost amongst the negative and sometimes hurtful comments she made, but life is too short to not be able to laugh at one’s self.

I absolutely adored her, and look how long she had been in the business?! Call her the Madonna of Comedy, constantly re-inventing herself.

She made a career of saying what no one else would say, but wanted to. Hats off to Joan Rivers and her courageous deeds, jokes, and honesty. I’m sure you’re looking fabulous and flicking the world off from the clouds👑💄👠

Scarf City

And you thought you knew all the tricks😏

Sugar, Pumpkin Spice, and always a mix of naughty and nice

Emily Bronte once said (according to Google), “”Every leaf speaks bliss to me, fluttering from the autumn tree.”

Now to a fashion girl, such as myself, these words are mentally translated to, “Every boot speaks bliss to me, clicking and clacking down the street.”

OMGAH!!!! I CAN NOT WAIT FOR FALL! Even though I do not practice Islam, as my family does, I absolutely love covering up with layers upon layers of the cutest cardigans, sweaters, coats, scarves, leg warmers, tights, etc. It’s just absolutely intoxicating to think about all the amazing outfits that will be presented to the world as soon as I feel that swift breeze, coming through those “autumn trees.”  

Layering does exist all year round, but let’s be real…it is most appropriate during the fall because the probability of sweating is so low. That also means make-up, as well as hairstyles will be able to stay intact.

Ay Dios mio…orale!

Victoria Beckham Fall 2014

Pixel Perfect📷

Eunectes, exit this way —>

"Anaconda," this word does not necessarily bring big butts to mind, but once you mention that it is the title of a Nicki Minaj song, one can only ASSume that it is sexually embedded. I already wasn’t that into the actual song, but the video definitely set me off the edge. As a young, African-American woman, I was instantaneously outraged. THIS is the image millions of people around the world are seeing in regards to how black girls should be. Sure, there are strong, smart, and sexy women out there like Lupita Nyong’o, Kerry Washington, Halle Berry, Jennifer Hudson, and so forth. But let’s be real, Nicki’s reach to the youth is stronger than the ones listed above. Its the youth and our future society’s morals that I fear for. Being sexy is a beautiful thing, but once it creeps over into skanky, that is where the issue lies. I know men in hip-hop and other mediums objectify women all the time, which is wrong, but when a woman chooses to objectify herself, that is just downright sad.

Nudist! Loving this base coat from butterLondon that can be used solo for a nice, clean look.